Israel, a modern crossroad, blends influences from North Africa, Ethiopia, Sudan, Georgia, Russia, Poland, Germany, Iraq, Yemen, and major European nations in its food, wine, dress, and lifestyle. From ancient winepresses to innovative wineries, the fusion of traditional and modern methods has revolutionized agriculture and winemaking in the country

Ancient and new worlds collide in this amazing and beautiful country

Wine, Food, Culture

Tel Aviv – Fusion in the broadest sense of the word! The city that has everything and in the most extensive manner imaginable: parties and tranquility, hedonism and social responsibility, sea and beaches and art galleries, high-tech, funk, graffiti!  And Jaffa (Yafo): the Arab origins of the city very much alive today!  The city that never stops!

Jerusalem – One of the most iconic cities in the world, home to three of the world’s great religions.  Capital of Israel.  Exceptional markets, restaurants and historic sites in the new and old city.

The Judean Hills – This wine region, near both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and blessed by ancient limestone terraces, is home to some of Israel’s best wineries.  Astounding quality!

Zikhron Yaakov the Coast – The first commercial winery in Israel was founded in this region by the Edmond de Rothschild  in 1882. Actually, two were founded, one in Rishon Lezion and one in Zikhron Yaakov. We will visit the historic sites and wineries and the new producers in the region along with producers of olive oil and fruit jams. 

The Galilee and the Golan – Israel’s northern vineyards and home to the quality revolution in wine in Israel today.  We’ll visit Golan Heights Winery, the mother of Israel’s quality wine revolution, Dalton, the mother of the rebirth of the Galilee region.  And we’ll visit Druze villages and the historic artistic village of Zfat. 

The Negev – Israel’s most innovative vineyard.  A blooming desert.  A model vineyard facing, studying and managing climate change.  Extraordinary, breathtaking natural sites and hotels. An unforgettable part of Israel. 

Israel’s culinary palate embraces the entire world.  This is the cuisine and culture of immigrants. Rich, delicious and moving because the cuisine marries the past and the present and brings us to the future. 

Irresistible experiences are waiting for you in Israel

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