Western Cape, South Africa

The southern tip of Africa is home to both some of the most breathtaking beautiful vineyards in the world and exceptional wines. A Dutch, English and French presence of over 370 years has led to a fusion of classic European and rich African homeland cultures.

Among the most beautiful landscapes In the world

Wine, Food, Culture

Cape Town

Cape Town is among the most beautiful cities in the world. Our tour starts in this exceptional city with visits to the best restaurants, beaches and shops.

There are 6 main wine regions in South Africa, these include The Western Cape, which
is the largest and the most important of the South African wine regions, the picturesque
Coastal Region, the diverse Klein Karoo region, the Cape South Coast which is one of
the world’s most breathtakingly beautiful wine regions, the northernmost Olifants Rive wine region, and the beautiful Breede River Valley.
Most of South Africa’s wine production is centered near and around the beautiful city of Cape Town. Vineyards stretch to the west and to the east from the city and most hug the coast.

Stellenbosch, the Paarl, Constantia
The coastal region around Cape Town hosts three important vineyards, Stellenbosch, perhaps the most well-known, Paarl and Constantia. All three are WO or Wine of Origin, the South African, equivalent of Appellation of Origin. Constantia is known for the outstanding sweet wines produced there.
Also in the Coastal Region is the appellation of Franschhoek, known for high quality wines and soon to receive the highest quality designation in South Africa.

The Western Regions
Drier than the Coastal Regions the Western regions hosts several appellations including Klein Karoo. Farther from Cape Town and therefore less frequently visited.

South African cuisine is a real melting pot of foods from Africa, Europe (Dutch and
French), India and Malaysia.
Some highlights to whet your appetite:

Biltong and droewors
 These are air-cured meats (jerkys) that are an African specialty produced before refrigeration to preserve the meats. Now dressed with many spices of all kinds.

Cape Malay curry
 The French and the Dutch brought Malaysians, Indians and Indonesians to work as slaves and their cuisine has become a staple of South African cooking hundred of years later.

Chakalaka and Pap
Chakalaka is a vegetable dish made of onions, tomatoes,
peppers, carrots, beans and spices, and is often served cold. Pap, meaning is similar to American grits and is a starchy dish made from white corn maize.
Chakalaka and pap are often served together, along with barbecued meat, breads,
salad and stews. 

Bunny Chow
A popular street food made from a hollow loaf of bread filled with a South African curry. The curry can be vegetarian or include chicken or lamb. Very delicious and very filling.

Briani Rice
This rice flavored with meat, vegetables and spices is a South African adaption of a classic Indian dish.

A delicious custard tart. Perfect at the end of a meal with coffee, sweet wine
or even dry red wine.

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