Burgundy, France

Burgundy is the great rival of Bordeaux in the imagination and preference of wine lovers. The two great regions could not be more different. Finding great Burgundy is a search for the holy grail, But the search itself is much of the pleasure. Our tours will not only place you on the right path and will help you find one or two “grails”.

The Holy Grail of Wine

About The Tour

Our guides in Burgundy will allow you private visits at the best domaines in Chablis, the Cote d’Or, the Cote Chalonnaise, the Maconnais and Beaujolais, north to south.  The elegant simplicity and the astonishing complexity of Burgundy will be revealed to you in full. And with this, the culture of the region, its delicious ingredients and cuisine.

 The northern most region of Burgundy producing legendary wines from
Chardonnay. A region apart thought completely Burgundian. 

Cote de Nuits
The realm of Pinot Noir in its greatest Burgundian expression. Famous
appellations including Clos Vougeot, Vosne Romanee, Musigny and Chambertin. The
small city of Nuits St Georges is home to many famous wine producers and several
excellent restaurants.
Cote de Beaune. The central part of Burgundy centered around the beautiful walled
city of Beaune which hosts the famous Hospice de Beaune (hospital and auction which
raises funds for the hospital). The Cote de Beaune produces delicate red and
spectacular white wines. Famous red wines include Corton and famous whites include Meursault and Montrachet.

Cote Chalonnaise
Snuggled between the appelations of the Maconnais (Pouilly Fuisse) and the Cote de Beaune is the Cotes Chalonnaise. This region is blessed by exceptional terroir but has always been in the shadow of its more famous neighbors. This means the wines are exceptional value for fine Burgundy. Rully, Bouzeron, Montagny, Givry and Mercurey are among the villages and appellations producing marvelous wines.

The Maconnais
The southern most appellation of Burgundy proper producing red and white wines. The whites are justifiably famous with the appellations of Pouilly Fuisse the most well-known. Wines from the more general Macon appellation are among the best Chardonnay values from France.

This region, like Chablis, is both part of Burgundy and separate from it. Chardonnay is grown but the principal grape variety grown is Gamay and the method of cultivation and the soils are unlike those found further north. Beaujolais wines are the
“friendliest” wines of Burgundy. The French word “gouleyant” describes them: gulp- able.

The cuisine in Burgundy is rich, based on butter, and includes, of course, boeuf
but also jambon persille’  (ham and parsley with a mustard sauce), snails in
garlic butter
, Epoisse cheese and tarte tatin (upside down caramelized apple tarte).

Irresistible experiences are waiting for you in Burgundy

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