Hungary is not only a modern state it was the seat of an empire, and the wine culture and cuisine have given Europe Tokaj, goulash, paprika and stuffed cabbage and much more

The Beautiful Birthplace of Wine in Europe

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Our visit starts in Budapest where we will see, taste and hear the beating heart of Europe. The Danube river is to Budapest as the Seine to Paris, the water of life in the city and we will visit both the right and left banks of the river in the city to understand the life of this exceptional city. We will visit the historic and fascinating Tokaj wine region home to the most celebrated sweet wines of central Europe and now producing brilliant dry wines too.  Hungary is blessed with more than 20 distinct wine regions.  We will tailor our tours to your needs to visit other regions. 

Hungarian Wine Regions
There are twenty-two wine designated wine regions in Hungary. These are the most

This region in northeast Hungary maybe the best know for the wine knows as Egri Bikaver or “Bull’s Blood”. In fact the wine is made from a Pinot Noir clone and is therefore more delicate than rich. Still justifiably famous.

The vineyard districts around Lake Balaton (the largest fresh water lake in Europe) are legend. Worth a visit on their own.

The most famous sweet wine of central Europe. A rival to the greatest Sauternes and Trockenbeerenauslesen of German. There is been great investment in Tokaj by French companies to restore the reputation of this singular and precious appellation.

Hungarian Food
So many delicacies! Hungarian food’s primary spice is paprika. It informs many savory dishes from the famous “Goulash” Stew to Fisherman’s stew, pancakes and stuffed
cabbage with meat. And then there is the legendary Dobosh Cake, thin layers of sweetness, chocolate and caramel.

Irresistible experiences are waiting for you in Hungary

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