Piedmont, Italy

Piedmont’s most famous wine appellations, Barolo and Barbaresco, sit on the world wine stage next to the great wines of the Northern Rhone, Cote Rotie and Hermitage, their French neighbors.

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Barolo and Barbaresco are among the most famous appellations in the world.  The wines are powerful in a way that Tuscan wines are not. Some prefer them to Tuscan wines but why chose? These monumental wines can age for decades. Piemontese wines are quintessentially artisanal.  Indeed, there is a lovely Piemontese expression that states “the best compost (or fertilizer) for a vineyard are the footprints of the winemaker in his or her vineyard”.

Alba – Once or twice a week the air in the town of Alba is perfumed by the sweet, nutty, delicious aroma from the Nutella factory in the town. On Saturdays the old city center becomes a bustling market brimming with local fresh fruits, vegetables, cheeses, local meats and of course irresistible white truffles and other mushrooms in all shapes and sizes.
After visiting the market, many of our guests have remarked “If there is a heaven it looks like this”

Piemontese Wine
Wine from Piedmont, to some the greatest wine produced in Italy, is defined by two
great appellations, Barolo and Barbaresco. In both the grape Nebbiolo is the king.
However, playing second violin to Nebbiolo is Barbera and which produces delicious,
charming wines in both appellations, and outside those appellations, and the third violin, Dolcetto. Cortese produces mineral dry whites and Muscat produces the famous sparkling wine from Asti, Asti Spumante.

Piemontese Food
Piedmont is Northern Italy. This means corn, rice and butter inform the food more than flour and olive oil as in the south. Classic dishes in Piedmont include:

Bagna Cauda
This sauce or condiment consists of warm oil flavored with garlic and is used to “cook” vegetables at the table. A delicious way to start a meal.

Bollito Misto
This “stew” of boiled meats and potatoes is served with another Piemonte specialty, salsa verde (crushed garlic, parsley, anchovies and hard-boiled eggs).

Risotto alla Barolo
Gently cooked rice stirred with Barolo wine as it cooks. Creamy with the texture of butter and rich with the taste of red wine.

Pasta all kinds, with white truffles.
Simply heaven on earth, from the earth and perfect with the red wines of Piedmont.

Vitello Tonnato
Very thinly sliced cooked veal with a haunting sauce of tuna, capers, parsley and mayonnaise. One of the most delicious and unusual combinations of flavors. Delicious with Cortese.

Piedmont Barrels. credu: Corinne Spector

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