There is world-wide excitement at the development of vineyards in England. These vineyards benefit from the identical chalk soils that make Chablis and Champagne so famous and today the quality of the wines grown in England is indisputable

The world’s newest wine star

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Our tour starts with visits in London to the top wine bars, restaurants and stores with special private tastings reserved for us. London has been the center for the wine trade for hundreds or years.  The development of the vineyards of Bordeaux, Porto, Sherry, Madeira all owe their histories to the work of the British wine trade.  London is a must-visit for wine lovers for this reason.   We will stay in one of the most charming and luxurious hotels in the city with spa privileges.  There will be plenty of time for shopping too!  

Then after our stay in London we will venture beyond the city walls to the vineyard district to discover first-hand the exciting new wines and vineyards that are making history in the wine world.

Wine in England dates from the Roman empire.  However, since then, the English perfected the art of importing, not making wine.  However, in recent years, with climate change and warmer temperatures, England, blessed by the same white chalk of Champagne and Chablis in its soils, has revived its wine industry.  Today there are 450 wineries in England and Wales.   The most well-known English wines today are the sparking wines which some tasters consider the equal of Champagne itself.  English wine is widely loved in the UK itself and is now finding fans throughout the world.

Food in England is very diverse. England hosts cuisines from around the world as a former seat of a great Empire.  Traditional English dishes, however, include:  Roast Beef with Yorkshire pudding (buttery pastries);  Fish and Chips, fried cod and potatoes;  Shepherd’s Pie, minced lamb and potatoes;  Bangers and Mash, sausages and lightly mashed potatoes;  Cream Tea, pastries and pastry cream with fruit (served with tea).

Irresistible experiences awaiting for you in England

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