Greece is the birthplace of Western culture – in philosophy, in literature and in wine. Today, the Greek wine industry has undergone a complete transformation acknowledging the past but moving fast forward to the present with brilliant wines

Spectacular renewal in the birthplace of Western culture

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Greece is not one place but hundreds of places. From the great capital of Athens to the thousand plus islands that spread from the Turkish coast to the center of the Mediterranean Sea. Modern Greece is informed by its past but looks forward to the future. There is no more fascinating country in Europe today than Greece.

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Athens is the center of Greece and our tour will take you inside the city. To the best restaurants, the best wine bars, museums that few discover, private dinners and lunches with local food and wine personalities. You will become a native while on our tour.

Wine and wine regions
Greek wines are made from varietals unique to Greece. This makes wine tasting fascinating. Here are some of the best known in Greece. Agiorgitiko grapes produces lush, velvety reds with
black-cherry flavors. 
Assyrtiko A source of minerally, bone-dry, citrus-edged white wines. Athiri Wines from this white variety often have a scent of stone fruits, like nectarines. Malagousia This melony, jasmine-scented white was on the brink of extinction before winemaker Evangelos Gerovassiliou began growing it again. Moscofilero A primarily Peloponnesian white, its wines have tangerine and blossom scents. Roditis Elegant and light-bodied, this pink-skinned grape produces crisp whites and rosés. Xinomavro This red has floral and spice aromas, firm tannins, and vibrant fruit.

A short drive from Athens, Nemea hosts some of Greece’s best wineries. Our tour will take you to the best! 

A short drive from Thessaloniki, in northern Greece, alongside local varietals  such as Xinomavro and Malagousia, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Syrah and other international varieties are also planted. The Xinomavro of the region have been nicknamed: “The Barolo of Greece”.

This celebrated Greek island in the middle of the Aegean Sea
is home to some of Greece’s most delicious white wines made
from Assyrtiko. Bone dry with the slight bitterness of Mediterranean herbs, this wine is the perfect wine for fish of all kinds. Our visit starts with a ferry ride to the island and a celebration along the way.

Greek food is rooted in the ancient Mediterranean world.  Among the most well-known dishes are: Taramasalata, fish roe salad, Delicious with dry white wines (and with retsina based wines);  Keftedes, meat balls from various meats (usually lamb) with many spices;  Fish boulettes, spicy fish keftedes hot sauce;  Souvlaki, grilled meats on a skewer served in Greek bread, perfect street food;  Tzatziki, the great yogurt, garlic cucumber sauce for meats, bread and vegetables; Melitzanosalata, roasted eggplant salad with tomatoes, parsley, coriander, garlic; Moussaka, layers of pasta, meats, bechamel and vegetables; Dolmades, stuffed grape leaves with rice and wine and much more!

Irresistible experiences awaiting for you in Greece

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