Jam Maker and Bee Keeper

Experience the Art in a Masterclass with a Skilled Producers

In many towns in the vineyard regions there is a tradition of producing delicious jams from local
fruits. Often these are served with cheese at the end of the meal. A perfect dessert. Our tours
will take you to a local producer for a complete understanding of how fine jam is made and, of
course, a tasting of the different jams from different fruits. In some cases, you can even
participate and make your own jam with the producer.
In addition, in certain regions there is a tradition of apiculture or beekeeping. The honeys
produced have different flavors depending on the types of flowers the bees help pollinate. On
our tour you will learn everything about beekeeping and honey production. In some cases, you can be a beekeeper for the day and learn with the producer him or herself.
Both of these experiences are appropriate for families (kids especially), groups and for all food

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